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Songland! In the Round Benefit


Reunion of Songland: long-time friends and songwriters Mike and Barbara Borok, Carla Ulbrich, Dan Pelletier and Joe Giacoio are holding a benefit for the temple. More info coming.

Livestream: Fun Songs and Dumb Jokes

online, everywhere

Episode 20 of our weekly livestream, getting you through the pandemic with your sense of humor intact. Goofy songs, dumb jokes, a mad lib, dad jokes, and live chat. Jump in!

Ending Hate: Songs for Equality and Justice Benefit


for info, please contact fabulous lineup for a worthy cause. Lauren Mayer, Carla Ulbrich, Karen Drucker, Ben Visini, Michael more info coming!


Follow This! Funny Song Faceoff with Carla Ulbrich and Steve Goodie


Carla Ulbrich and Steve Goodie face off again, in a "Hey, follow this!" funny song back and forth. Last time was really fun, so we're doing it again! 2pm Eastern


Carla Ulbrich: Hope and Resilience

Greenville UU Fellowship Virtual Service, online

Carla delivers a message about hope and resilience, drawing from her personal experience as a stroke survivor and translating that into how we can all make shifts in thought and action in order to maintain our health while making a difference.

Carla Ulbrich livestream: Best of June Livestreams


a half-hour show with highlights from the past 4 livestreams. Lots of songs, and only the best (worst) dad jokes.

Carla Ulbrich Livestream

online, everywhere

Goofy songs, dumb jokes, a madlib, live chat- a fun time. Episode 14. We almost know what we're doing...

Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck

YouTube and Facebook, Eastern Time Zone

Carla Ulbrich weekly livestream episode 14: Humor and goofy songs! with a madlib, dad jokes, fun songs, live chat, and a nod this week to Juneteenth, an important day in American history.


Club 7


"Club 7" is the brainchild of Mike Williams- a celebration of a bunch fo the contestants in Kerrville who took 7th place (out of 6) in the Kerrville New Folk Competition. I entered (and came in "seventh," along with 28 others) in 2004. Each of us Club 7 members will be playing one song- should be a grant time. And yes, this overlaps with my livestream. So I'll finish my livestream around 8:30pm and perform in Club 7 sometime between 9 and 10pm. The lineup is gonna be great!

LOUD Album Watch (and listen) Party with live chat

YouTube and Facebook, Everywhere

(Eastern time) We are going to hear (and see!) the entire LOUD Album, beginning to end (which is just under 30 minutes, actually), listening together and watching music videos. I'll be in the live chat, so ask me anything about the songs or the CD, or whatever!

Carla Ulbrich Livestream: Goofy Songs and Dumb Jokes


Episode 10! Always a good time, with goofy songs and dumb jokes, a madlib, Dad jokes and live chat. Note the NEW TIME: 7:30pm (Eastern), by request from those in other time zones and also those who are getting home later from work).

HOW TO FIND THE LIVESTREAM: I'm still having trouble setting up a link ahead of time that sends you to the right place on YouTube, so here's a possible fix: subscribe to my YouTube channel (it's free) and hit the "notifications" bell, and you should get either an email or a pop-up notification on your computer/ device when I go live. You can just click on that notification and it should go directly to the live video. Here's the "subscribe" link:

Or you can watch on Facebook if you prefer:


Around Robin in-the-round Songwriter Night


"Around Robin” in-the-round song circle with Robin Greenstein, Elly Wininger, Joe Jencks, Christopher Mark Jones and Carla Ulbrich.