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The LOUD album

studio album released 2020

It’s here! Carla’s newest creation, a raucous, rocked-out studio album with 6 parodies and 4 original songs, all comedy. Recorded with Steve Goodie, engineer and co-producer.

1. Things That I Trust More Than You

2. At the Dollar Store

3. You Are the Salt

4. Stupefied By Maladies Defying Diagnosis

5. Fat Elvis

6. Take Me Out to the Overpriced Ballgame

7. Now and Later

8. Stuck at 13

9. You Can't Sit Down in a Stormtrooper Costume

10. Gluten-Free Diet

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Live at FuMPfest CD (LAFF)

Live in Concert 2017

Recorded live in concert at FuMPfest 2017, unedited.

Mix of previously recorded songs and totally new stuff.

1) Introduction

2) Totally Average Woman 

3) Blues name 

4) If Mucus Were Money  

5) Latex allergy 

6) My Love 

7) What’s Great About Fasting

8) Dumb Parodies

9) Doctor’s Office

10) Stupefied

11) Last 10 pounds/ Miss Universe

12) Duet with a Klingon

13) Kid friendly?/ Eating healthy/ bad cook 

14) On the Commode Again 

15) Joe’s Ex-Girlfriends

16) Breakaway

17) Taking requests 

18) Toasted Chicken Sandwich/ Native Americans 

19) The Force 

20) What If Your Girlfriend/ Butt Was Gone

21) South Carolina/ New Jersey 

22) If I Had the Copyright (The F Word Song) (bleeped)

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Totally Average Woman

studio cd, 2016

Half parodies, half originals, 100% funny. (studio album with full band).

Need tips on choosing a beverage? Traveling to China? Getting away from someone who won't stop talking? Why this CD is practically a public service announcement. Without all that boring useful info.


1. Joe's Ex-Girlfriends

2. Gotta Start Smoking

3. Man Pants

4. If You're Goin' To China 

5. Totally Average Woman

6. Cheek to Cheek

7. Aunt Flow Rag

8. Dr Pepper

9. Ragnarok 

10. Break Away

11. Needless Dissection  

12. Swamp Thing

13. Before Autotune

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Live From Outer Space

recorded at XM Radio's Performance Theater 2008

Carla's 5th CD
Let It Go

The Force  

My Love Is...-  

I Hope You're Happy

The Scooter Store

Duet With a Klingon

Bad Song Ideas

Big Hit Medley

One Good Song 

Scrambled Eggs

North vs. South... Carolina

Making Gramma Laugh

It's Never Polite To Ask a Girl How Old She Is


Coffee Enemas

We Don't Need a Walmart

Dating For Dummies

Me Neither

How To Become a Folksinger

If I Had the Copyright (The F-Word Song, bleeped)

Duet With a Klingon (Studio version)

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Sick Humor

The Lighter Side of Illness (studio cd, 2003)

Carla's 3rd CD, Sick Humor (her best-seller), is a collection of funny medical songs from someone who's been there.

"Back in the 1960s, author Norman Cousins first twined the provinces of humor and healing. Consider this release an update, the musical, funnier version for the 2000s." -Kevin and Maxine’s Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews

"Ulbrich is more than a funny lady though; she is the embodiment of what was once the American Spirit. Despite facing great adversity in the form of major medical problems such as kidney failure and a debilitating stroke in 2002, Ulbrich picked herself up, dusted herself off and got back on her rockin’ horse." - The Examiner

A marvelous and heartfelt (and very funny, of course) piece of work. - Dr Demento

Love it. Cure for the blues. - John McLaughlin, WMUC
Absolutely brilliant parodies, I nearly got
in a wreck a couple of times I was laughing so hard. And the production was fantastic... - Tony Fabris

10 parodies from the patient's perspective on topics such as waiting rooms, losing your butt, bad phlebotomists, peeing in a jug, and prednisone. Highly recommended for nurses, medical staff and those with a chronic illness - and a sense of humor. Makes a great gift.


1. Sittin' in the Waiting Room
2. On the Commode Again
3. Patient 2946065
4. Prednisone
5. What If Your Butt Was Gone
6. (Happy to Be) Stuck by You
7. Little Brown Jug
8. The Colon
9. (I'm A) Specialist

10. I Got Tremors

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Professional Smart Aleck

Live on Dataw island, 2001

Carla's 2nd CD: a live recording of Carla in concert on Dataw Island, SC. Humorous songs about dating, wedgies, Waffle House, growing up in South Carolina, and a couple songs about songs.


1. Kelson Says Hi

2. I Have To Kill You Now

3. A Name is a Name (My Name is Carla)

4. That's Alright Now Mama (instr.)

5. The Guy Who Changes the Light Bulbs (Waffle House Song)

6.The Wedgie

7How to Build a Log Cabin (for dummies)

8Toasted Chicken Sandwich

9. Candy and Gum

10. (I Don't Like) Corny Schlocky Sappy Songs

11The Teachers of Clemson


13. Would You Rather Be Paid 

14. Therapy Works

15. What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone

16. Surprise (Bonus track)

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Her Fabulous Debut

studio cd, 1999

Carla's 1st CD, now in its third pressing. Recorded with a great acoustic band in Cayce (Columbia), SC in 1999 and produced by Jack Williams. Songs about dating, food, dating for food, the Guinness book, and having nothing to say.


1. Please Do Something Stupid
2. Boy Wonder
3. It Reminds Me Of You
4. What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone
5. Love To Learn
6. Love Connection
7. Nothing To Say
8. Not Your Jesus
9. Wolf
10. Toasted Chicken Sandwich
11. Zipadeedoodah

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How Can You *Not* Laugh at a Time Like This?

book on surviving chronic illness (and the healthcare system!), 2011

Collection of short, funny, inspiring essays about dealing with chronic illness and living well. How Can You *Not* Laugh at a Time Like This? Reclaim Your Health with Humor, Creativity, and Grit. Received Seal of Approval from the Lupus Foundation of America, and is the publisher's Best Seller. Great read for anyone suffering with a chronic illness, or caring for someone who is. Pubished by Tell Me Press.

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