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Carla Ulbrich


A doctor friend remarked that these were the most medically accurate lyrics she had ever heard. I wrote this to what I thought was the tune "Comet... will make your mouth turn green/ comet it tastes like Listerine" (taught to me by my babysitter) but apparently, this tune was better known, or at least known first, as the one from the movie "Bridge over the River Kwai."


Prednisone will make you get real fat
Prednisone will give you cataracts
Prednisone it will destroy your bones
So get some prednisone destroy your bones today

Prednisone your moods are up and down
Prednisone your face is big and round
Prednisone will mess with your hormones
So take some Prednisone spend your life alone today

Give it to your cat Give it to your dog
Give it to your guinea pig
See em acting weird See em eat a lot
See em getting really big

Take it for your gout or if you've got a bout
Of poison oak or poison ivy
Take it in a drop Take it in a pill
Take it intravenously

Prednisone you start with one complaint
Prednisone now you've got 7 or 8
Prednisone you could be dead you know
So take your Prednisone or pick your tombstone today