Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck


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Upcoming Dates

Songwriter Showcase - 7pm
50 West Front Street
Keyport, NJ 07735
732 203-9499

Carla will play for 40 minutes

156 River Rd.
Willington, CT

with Joe Giacoio!

Acoustic Live! - 2:45am
Stamford, CT

*this is Friday night (the wee hours, technically Saturday). 15 minute showcase

private event
Flemington Women's Club - noon
Flemington, NJ
Market Street Mission
First Night - TBD
Morristown, NJ

A joyful return to First Night Morristown at the lovely stage in the Market Street Mission!

My trusty sideman Joe Giacoio will be in tow.

GaFilk - all weekend!
1325 Virginia Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30344

Please check the GaFilk website for exact info.

I may even have the date wrong.

But this much I know for sure: Joe Giacoio is Toastmaster!

New Morning Songwriters Showcase - 8pm
129 Main St N
Woodbury, CT
Price: pass the hat

in-the-round format with the return of Songland!!

Long-time friends, cohorts, and co-writers Carla, Joe Giacoio, Dan Pelletier, & New Middle Class (Mike and Barbara Borok) return to the New Morning Songwriters' Series.

Upstairs, at the New Morning Market. 

(Come early, because you are going to want to check out the awesome market downstairs with tons of clean food, soaps, clothes, other neat stuff).

and it's free! (please put a few $ in the hat if you have the means & haven't spent it all downstairs)

Blue Tavern
Carla in Tallahassee - 8pm
Tallahassee, FL

Great space for hearing live music!

1867 Sanctuary
Triple bill - 8pm
Ewing, NJ
Price: $20

encore performance with Rorie Kelly and Eric Jay

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