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The Guy Who Changes the Light Bulbs

Carla Ulbrich
Carla Ulbrich


This song is the inevitable result of driving around in the South at night, playing a lot of Boggle and Scrabble, and eating at Waffle house.


The guy who changes the light bulbs changes everything He makes things how they once were; security he brings He’s got power he brings meaning he sheds light on things The guy who changes the light bulbs changes everything See Waffle House is AFFLE HOUSE without its ‘W" And while you might agree with that, you’d fix it if it were you And here’s another problem for which there’s no excuse No ‘h’ no ‘o’ I don’t know- what is WAFFLE USE? CHORUS When the guy at the RAMADA has a boss who’s a tightwad We’re left with RAM or ADA, sometimes AMAD Or DA which is "yes" in Russia or perhaps the sun god RA Sometimes they just AM, sometimes MAD is all they are "How about some French cuisine?" you might ask your spouse When up ahead you clearly see a sign that says ‘LE HOUSE’ And whatever may befall me may I never sink so low As to have to give it up for food and become a WAFFLE HO CHORUS So does the guy who every morning delivers your newspaper The one who cleans the bathroom and refills the toilet paper The priest who sits and listens to the sins of the confessor And I just don’t know where I’d be without my hairdresser If you’re feeling unimportant like you might as well go fishing Think back on those highway signs with several letters missing Because the guy who changes the lights bulbs has a most important job When he’s missing how we miss him -- things get really odd He’s got power, he brings meaning -- he’s practically a god! The guy who changes the light bulbs has a most important job