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Candy and Gum

Carla Ulbrich
Carla Ulbrich


I seem to have overcome my bad taste in men, but my sweet tooth is intact (as far as I know. I've been avoiding the dentist for a while now).


About a quarter of a mile From our Mom and Dad’s Was a 7-11 Man were we glad I suppose they had beer And cigarettes no doubt But we were just kids All we cared about was the Candy and gum Tempting and delicious If I had a genie I would have used all my wishes On Candy and gum Spent up my allowance Every iota On bubble gum and sweet tarts And the occasional soda I didn’t wish upon a star For a Barbie or a Tonka I wanted a vacation At the home of Willie Wonka and his Candy and gum Enormous and plenty You’d think I’d lose interest By the time I was twenty But candy and gum That’s what your words were to me Satisfying and sweet Filled a desperate need But like a lot of empty calories It was just a bunch of talk And when you left without a word I nearly went into shock So I gathered up my nickels And I went down to the store On my trusty yellow ten speed Just like before Spent a dollar fifty Somewhere thereabout bought a bunch of bubble gum And I chewed you out