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A Name is a Name is a Name

Carla Ulbrich


well what can i say? i just get tired of having my name butchered. Ul-bich on a marquee was quite a memorable gaff. And this is why I am President of the Difficult Last Name Club.


My name is Carla It is not Darla It is not Clara Carol Claire Marla or Starla My middle initial is a K It stands for Kay But the first name is C-A-R-L-A Carla Ulbrich What’s in a name A name is a name is a name is a name is a name As for the last name here’s the hitch It looks like it should be pronounced yule brich But we say ole brick though there’s no ‘K’ in sight If we were German we would say it right Carla Ulbrich A German name A rose that had my name would smell the same I was in Borders Standing in line A book of baby names caught my eye Under "Carla" It said "see Charles" I thought it was gonna say "see Carl" Cause that’s my dad’s name And my granddad’s They tried for a boy I’m the closest one they had Under Charles Almost uncanny Charles’ definition is… "manly" Carla Ulbrich A manly name A man is only as good as her name My Great great grandmother She was Deutsch She fell in love with the stable boytch They had a baby He was a cute one But the stable boy’s last name was Von Pfannekuchen How do you spell that?! For heavens’ sake Translated it means "pancake" Carla Pancake That I could see Pancakes are short and sweet, just like me I’m singing a song About my name You must think that I am really vain But I’m not the first one to have such a song BINGO had one he was just a dog C-A-R-L-A C-A-R-L-A C-A-R-L-A and Carla was her name-o