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Carla's Guitar Tutorials: House of the Rising Sun How-To


I've just posted a YouTube lesson on how to play the classic song "House of the Rising Sun."

If you've ever wanted to learn this, give it a shot!



I'm in the studio working on a new CD!


I'm excited to announce that I'm about halfway done with a new CD!

It's my 8th CD and my first studio recording since Totally Average Woman (late 2015) - and I'm really happy with how it's going. 

I'm doing half the songs in Nashville with the ridiculously talented Steve Goodie (who is also very funny), and the other half in New Jersey with the equally talented Bob Harris.

I'm recording the country stuff in New Jersey and the rock stuff in Nashville. Because logic.

I think you're gonna love it.

Stay tuned for the latest!


Carla's YouTube Guitar Tutorials: How to Get a Pick Out of a Guitar


Dadgummit! My pick fell into my guitar again!

<shakes, turns upside down, jams hand inside, cusses a blue streak>

Learn how to quickly and easily retrieve that pick without breaking the guitar open.

I've been using this secret for years!


USA Song Contest Finalist


Just got word that my song "Totally Average Woman" was chosen as a Finalist in the USA Song Competition (in the Novelty category).

The contest is done- the song will not advance further, but this is a huge contest, with thousands of entries, so being a Finalist is indeed an honor. Congratulations and thank you to my co-writers, Joe Giacoio and Steve Goodie.


New Live CD is here!


This just in- and I do mean *just* in:

A brand new CD, Live from FuMPfest, is here!

Recorded entirely at FuMPfest (FuMP = Funny Music Project, check 'em out if you're unfamiliar : ), it's a mix of standup comedy and funny songs.

I had pretty bad hayfever at that time, which seemed to make me funnier. Too congested to be nervous perhaps?

It's a mix of previously recorded songs and totally new stuff, and if you enjoy live recordings and/or haven't been able to make it to a live concert of mine, this is a great chance to make up that missed experience, flaws and all (this has not been "fixed" in the studio. All we did in the studio was cut it up into separate tracks, so it's wouldn't be one long recording). 

Get a copy at a live concert. Or online, here .