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CD update

Just had a great session with the immensely talented Bob Malone, who added keys to 4 songs.

We now have so much great talent on the recording, we have a problem- there's too much music happening on some of the songs! and all of it is great. I had to explain the phrase "embarrassment of riches" to my producer (He knew we had too much great stuff- he'd just never heard that turn of phrase).

So, we're gonna turn up the fiddle here and down there, more telecaster here, less there, banjo, 2nd guitar, dobro, keyboards, a veritable soup of amazing players all playing tasty stuff, but we have to make some choices.

I still don't have a release date set, because after making 7 of these things, i've learned everything takes longer and costs twice as much as you expected. I only needed to have one time where I held a CD release concert with no CDs on hand to learn my lesson!

Meanwhile, while you're waiting, here's a goofy video of an intentionally depressing birthday song:

And the latest guitar "how to" guitar video ("Hey There Delilah," a great first fingerpicking song):