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Carla Ulbrich
Carla Ulbrich


I wrote this one around the guitar riff. It's in some kind of open tuning. I haven't played this song in so long I forget what the tuning is.


She's sitting by the phone Staring at the clock again He told her 8 o clock Now it's almost 10 She says I'm tired of excuses And I'm tired of his lies I can't take one more night of waiting There ain't no man worth this price His reasons are ridiculous and that's how I must look There are stories more believable in little children's books I wanted to believe him So I was the last to see But I swear this is the last time He'll make a fool of me And this piece of tin you call a ring Is as worthless as the promise it implies And if you think a dozen roses fixes everything This time you are in for a surprise He's standing in the rain Six miles from the nearest exit Flat tire and a broken jack No one stops to help him fix it This time it's not a lie Not some lame excuse But he used this story last time So he's got no time to lose Perhaps he's been a little careless with her heart But that was never his intention Seems his fear of what's required on his part Is the mother of invention She says "what, no apology? No show of regret? But I must say it's real clever how you showed up soaking wet Why don't you come on in We'll finish up our date" And she handed him a package and said "by the way.. you're late" He was not sure what to think as he untied the ribbons Inside the box a hardbound box He searched for an inscription "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" read the title Still he didn't get it Beneath it in her handwriting were 2 words: "Forget it"