Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck


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Professional Smart Aleck - CD

Carla's 2nd CD: a live recording of Carla in concert on Dataw Island, SC. Humorous songs about dating, wedgies, Waffle House, growing up in South Carolina, and a couple songs about songs.


I Have To Kill You Now

A Name is a Name (My Name is Carla)

That's Alright Now Mama (instr.)

The Guy Who Changes the Light Bulbs (Waffle House Song)

The Wedgie

How to Build a Log Cabin (for dummies)

Toasted Chicken Sandwich

Candy and Gum

Corny Schlocky Sappy Songs

The Teachers of Clempson


Would You Rather Be Paid

Therapy Works

What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone

Bonus track


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