Carla Ulbrich: Professional Smart Aleck



"Enter the delightfully twisted musical mind of Carla Ulbrich through her new CD, Totally Average Woman.  Ha!  I detect nothing average about Carla’s high IQ songs.  Her sharp, well-tuned humor inspires a melody of chuckles, guffaws, ohs, ahs, ahas, or oh-nos, and you might hold your belly-laugh until your stomach becomes flat.  The CD is composed of mini-story songs.  The listener is actually in attendance of audio musical theater that artfully brings to life the poignant thoughts of the narrator and the lives of unique, yet common, characters." - Mara Noelle, KVMR-FM  


13 tracks, recorded in 2 studios (L.A. and Nashville).

Half parodies, half originals, 100% funny.


Need tips on choosing a beverage? Traveling to China? Getting away from someone who won't stop talking?


Why, this CD is practically a public service announcement. Without all that boring useful info.


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Here's the first song on the CD: